Thankfulness and Graditude

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the time of the year when we take stock of our blessings and celebrate them being Grateful.  I love this very much because this is a nice reminder of how blessed I am.  Gratitude is something we sometimes take for granted and don’t usually practice this form of thankfulness very often.  What if I told you that being Thankful can change your lives?Thanksgiving 2017

Yes, indeed!  Gratitude and Thankfulness can be the source of some Big Living!  LOL!  I was reading this article on how Gratitude can help us live longer and thought it was pretty neat!  You can read it too HERE.  What do you think?

Being grateful can help with your physical self too!  In THIS article, it shows 7 different things it can do to help you function better physically!

And there are many other resources I found that would help us live fuller, longer lives!

My point is: Why not practice Gratitude and Thankfulness on an everyday basis?  Find 3 things every morning when you wake up that you are grateful for and see how your days get better.  I have tried this and when I forget, things always prove to be a bit more difficult…

So, this Thanksgiving, let it be the beginning of a year-long thankfulness.

Wishing you all the best!


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