The Duck Experiment

IMG_1639Finally, we are done with the rain from this week!  Here in South Florida, we had a series of days of non-stop rain and it was quite bothersome.  No, we did not deal with the snow and the cold; but we dealt with lots of flooding, but on day 2 of the infinite storm, I learned a lesson from some ducks, no less!

You must surely be wondering about this.  It did not come to me quickly, but in the afternoon of the second day of rain, as I was going back home from work, I noticed that there was a multitude of ducks in the lakes in my subdivision.  Uncanny, I though.  They were in there just sitting on top of the water, calm and quiet, like fixtures.  No matter how hard the rain was pouring, they were motionless.  

That made me think.  You know, we were all griping about having to do everything in pouring rain, having our clothes and shoes wet, doing every errand while almost swimming from our car to the store; but the ducks were just there, still.

The next morning, rain.  It was even darker that third day.  It was like night.  Annnddddd….. it was raining.  I thought again of the ducks and why they impressed me so much.  

I came up with three points that made a huge difference in how I was able to handle things and want to share them with you:

  1. The rain is rejuvenating, cleansing, soothing, and it nourishes nature.  When we think about it, all the beautiful nature we see around us is fed by this amazing weather IMG_1641character called Rain.  We would not be able to enjoy a nice shade if the trees were not there.  We would not be able to eat of their fruit either if it were not for the rain that helped them grow.  Rain cools things off and makes things anew.  So the ducks were enjoying their environment being washed.  Maybe our life rainstorms are doing the same…
  2. The ducks were calm.  The rain did not rattle them.  They knew they were ok and that they had to simply stay still and let the storm pass.  They knew they had to join in instead of fighting nature.  That gave them resiliency and patience.  Have you considered that some storms in our lives warrant quiet and calm from us?  Maybe we should let those storms pass without rebellion.
  3. The ducks knew that the sun would come out eventually.  Last we know, God had said he would no longer flood the earth, right?  Well, I guess the ducks heeded that word.  I interpret it this way: the ducks did not want to get themselves all bent out of shape as they knew that they would totally see the sun again soon so they can dry up and hang out.  In our lives, we get too worried about our storms.  We see a hefty storm as doomsday and tend to act as if it will NEVER go away.  My friends, I am here to tell you that there is a sun that will shine at the end of any rainy season.  Whatever negative issue you are dealing with in life might not be small, but it will end.

IMG_1644Now, I do not claim to know anything about ducks (smile).  But through two more days of that pesky rain, those duck points kept me from “drowning” in many other situations.  Not to downplay some rough patches we all have in our lives, but I will use this experience to look at my difficulties in a different light.  It did help when I took some time to pause and ride the storm.  With the confidence that all gets better, my days prove to be smoother and more enjoyable as roadblocks arise.


Now, it’s your turn!  How will you use the “duck experiment” to help you with your rainstorms?

Don’t be shy, comment below and let me and other readers get your perspective!  

Faithfully yours,


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