The move: 3 lessons learned

The Move 5-27-16I’m back!  It has been over a month since our last hangout and I have really missed you!  This prolonged absence was not at all planned…  

Many life events occurred in the past few weeks and although I would love to elaborate on them with you, I will stick to one of the major ones today: my move.

Now, if anyone reading this is allergic to the words God, Favor, or even Grace, then you will have to please excuse me as I shout out my thankfulness to God for this miracle.  My move into a new home has been nothing short of a sweet miracle that I’m accepting and thoroughly enjoying (big grin)!

So as I sit here on my bed tonight, mustering the last of my strength from today to share those few nuggets of wisdom I was gifted along the way, I cannot help but feel grateful and humbled.  

One never stops learning from life if one stays open to its teachings.  Through this recent experience, three points seem salient to me through this major change of life:

1- Count on your friends:

No, I do not have many of those.  I have a VERY SELECT FEW people I let be all up in my life. I tend to count on my own resources and do my best not to burden my friends with stuff.  If you have moved before, I mean REALLY MOVED, then you understand the magnitude of receiving help. But for this move, friends showed up in many ways.  We are blessed with a close family on both sides, but we were amazed to receive extraordinary help and support from our friends.  Even the ones I did not know I had…

Hubby and I can hardly fathom how to repay the people who stood in this gap with us.   

To know we mean that much to people around us, that they gave of themselves freely was truly humbling and comforting.  I can’t help but think that friends and family are put into our world to make the journey mutually enjoyable!

2- Take it one step at a time:

I don’t know how many times I have to tell myself that it all does not unravel in just one day.  I was under the impression that I had more hours in the day to complete many tasks.  By the time I looked at my list of things to do, I was barely done with half!  All that because I was trying too hard to get it all done.  The Move 1 5-27-16

People, it doesn’t work this way, I am here to regrettably tell you.  It’s great to have the list, the checks, the this, that, and other; but the bottom line is that you have to remember you are not a machine.  

When I was able to take it one step at a time, things became easier.  I was less stressed and automatically things were getting done and checked from my list.  It almost sounds ridiculous, but slowing down a bit helped move things along smoother.  Turns out patience is not only a virtue, it can help save your sanity too!

3- Be kind to yourself:

I had to throw this in there.  One of my dearest friends incessantly reminds me of this concept and I am starting to get the picture.  Yes, we need “White Space” and relaxation and all, but being kind to the self is also an important long-lasting maintenance ritual we should all practice.  

As if the move itself was not enough, I had to still tend to my family, go to work and also cover for someone who needed it, be present for my extended family (remember I told you we are close), and was animate about keeping our relationship going through OUR Facebook Page to name a few things.  

But through it all, unapologetically, I chose to listen to that voice that kept encouraging me to be kind to myself; especially when I was trying too hard to get it all done and was not able to see the list shrink to my liking.

Maybe I will write the next post on kindness to the self…  Hmmm….

So there you have it: count on your friends, take one step at a time, and remember to be kind to yourself when you are faced with certain challenges that appear to be unsurmountable.  

Always keep in mind that you CAN do it and that you WILL!  You have already been given the tools to make it all happen.  Whatever your “move” might be, remember those nuggets of wisdom.  

I chose to keep the Faith through it all 🙂


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