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Violence doesNOT solve Anything! (1)
Often, people in the blogging/social media business refrain from offering their opinion for all to hear/see.  We are expected sometimes to take sides and to take a stand for or against a situation.  I am sure that anybody in the public eye has to deal with the same expectations.  We champion cliches like they are running out of style on issues that spark public outrage and try to keep from making the wrong statements.  Some decide to stay on the sidelines to avoid it all; BUT…

It is difficult to stay on the sidelines when people, lives, are being exterminated like they mean nothing.  Our society is gradually becoming, dare I say, jaded with each instance of blatant offense on the human race.  Have you seen the news lately?

We ask “What’s going on?” “Why is all this happening?”

Maybe we can start asking more personal questions like: “How will I react to this?” or “How can I spread Love instead of hate around me in the midst of such outrage?” “How can I make things better?”

Each person comes from a place where they are modeled either love or violence.  When we say we have to do better as a community, it means EACH person is responsible for doing better right where they are.  Not the “other” person.Violence doesNOT solve Anything! (2)

It would behoove you to know that it all can start with one individual.  How can YOU show love around you to influence another?

What I learned was that, in very difficult situations, we can make a difference by our actions whether positive or negative.  Which will you choose?

Oh, don’t think I can’t understand the feelings of rage, disappointment, fear, confusion, frustration, or even the one of loosing control over the recent events.  I DO.  Believe that!

But meeting the hurt and senseless acts with more violence and hurt does not get us anywhere but further into loss; and finally into numbness…

No, I am not saying that a reaction is pointless or unwarranted.  I do not claim to have a solution to what has been happening in this country in the last few days nor do I know how to resolve the issues.

But I know that I have to fight with the positive instead of death and returned horror in my own capacity.  I want to believe this exaggerated violence will end but at the same time, I am doing my best to keep it real.

It is hard to keep calm and reasonable in the face of injustice.  We have feelings, we are human, we have emotions for crying out loud!  We are torn, ripped apart with grief…

I pray for positive change and peace, and challenge you to do the same as you make the decision to positively impact your own environment.  Our children are watching us, what are we choosing to teach them?

Courage, Love, Peace, Focus, and Faith!


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