Back from the conference: the appetizer

Hello people! Sorry for the late post (normally we talk on Mondays), but I am back from the Niche Parent Conference 2014 and I have learned so much that I can hardly put some thoughts together!

I am looking forward to organizing some of those thoughts and sharing them with you.  For now, let me share what I call “the appetizer” story…
It was overall a powerful experience where I had the opportunity to not only learn, but to also participate in the teaching. Being part of the round table facilitator/coach team was a big step in the right direction for me. It was the right time, and it showed me some amazing lessons.
I also was afforded the opportunity to be taught by the best in the trade, had some fun with people I had just met (and whomever knows me well would also know this is not an easy thing for me to do…), and made some amazing connections.

Having some people remember me from last year’s conference was also very humbling, especially when one of those people is someone I truly look up to: she still had the hand-torn piece of paper with my name, MeUnfinished, and the email I had scribbled down. That for one was a “WOW!” moment for me.
The organizer was very graceful and she assisted us in every way she could. She of course delivered an amazing experience to whomever was attending: sponsors, presenters, attendees, and volunteers.
It was a time where I got to know some people and heard their stories and was privileged enough to share mine as well. Taking the time to hear each person’s heart and learning about their “Why” was quite powerful for me.



NP14 pic1

I was glad to not judge some books by their covers. Always take the time to ask questions and to learn before making your mind about someone. Each person is valuable and has a place of importance in this life. Conventional or not, they have a voice and it deserves to be heard.
I will leave you with some pictures of the great time I spent at Niche Parent 2014, and I also invite you to stay tuned for the following posts where I will delineate more about what I have learned. At this point, if I tried to tell you more about it, I’m afraid my unorganized thoughts would look more like splashes of loud paint on a blank canvas… I am still on a high from the whole thing and have to take the time to process it all.
Thank you for your unshakable support! Many thanks to my family who is seeing me through this journey. I am keeping the Faith that this event has provided me yet more tools to serve you better.
Until next week,
Faithfully yours

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2 Responses to “Back from the conference: the appetizer”

  1. Martine! Looks like you had a great time. I wish I was there. I am so happy you learned so much and this experience brought you closer to where you need/want to be. Amen to that! Can’t wait to hear more and I hope at I catch you at one of these conferences soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Martine!
    It was indeed a great experience!
    I would love to meet you at one of those conferences, but for now, we can use technology, right?

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