The squeeze

squeeze-9-23-15Oh, so you liked the “Baggage” post, huh?  LOL!  I got knocked out when I heard it too…  If you did not read it yet, check it out here and you will understand what I mean.  

But here is a little more inspiration for you today…

When you are “squeezed”, what comes out of you?  Run with me a minute:  So, I hear the story about this presenter on a TED talk who asked the audience about what would come out an orange he was holding if he squeezed it.  Of course, everyone answered that orange juice would come out of it.  Evidently, they were quite enlightened because when the presenter squeezed the orange, orange juice came out of it…

It is not quite that simple when we use humans for a similar situation, he explained as he described the figurative setting.  When we are in a jam, when we are “squeezed”, what DOES come out of us?

You might not have thought about this, however this concept could help us gain a lot of insight about who we are and how we can improve ourselves.  

When in a difficult situation, or squeezed, we tend to act differently than how we would contain situations if it were not our own.  The point I am trying to make is that we could benefit from learning more about our reactions and how to train ourselves to “preempt” and be ready for tight situations.  

Goodness knows I am not nearly apt to doing this well, but, having recently gone through some serious introspection, there are many things that were revealed about me that I would like to change and improve.

I am encouraging you to start your inner-research.  Find out more about who you are in order to know your strengths and weaknesses.  Capitalize on the strengths, and face the weaknesses head on in order to diminish them.

While on this journey, we have to remember a few things:

  1. Do not lose yourself: just because you find out about some less than desirable traits you have does not mean you have to go out there and change who you are radically.  You are YOU.  There is nobody on this planet like you and YOU, and only YOU can bring the gifts you do.  Your essence should be intact: remember, you are looking to make yourself better, not try to be someone else.
  2. None of us is perfect: You have heard this a few million times, right?  So I am not going to beat this dead horse.  I will simply leave you with: there is always a start over button, and there is Grace.  Pick yourself back up and try again.
  3. Don’t give up!  We have talked about this several times throughout posts.  You have to root for YOU and be your biggest supporter and fan.  If you want to make a positive impact in your world, you have to take ownership of this project and keep going until it succeeds.  You already have what it takes, keep knocking until the right door opens.


This is the part where I share some resources to work on a better you.  I found a cool test here and the Cattell 16 personality one too to help you check yourself out.  Also, you have surely heard of the Myers Briggs (MBTI) test on personalities and the DISC.  They can help you discover more of yourself!   

I hope those help you discover more about who you are and how you can help yourself make better choices when you get “squeezed”.  We are in this together, so please share in the comments below how you are progressing!

I am totally keeping the Faith that I will continue to improve and I wish the same to you as well!

Here’s to a continuously better YOU!


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  1. I love “the squeeze”, you never know what is going to be squeezed out of you. Since we are all on this journey together, I can appreciate being mindful about what is “squeezed”. Just taking a moment to think before I speak has guided me through a lot. Thank you my sister friend. This is a good one!!

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