3 lessons from the little voice inside

If you have little people in your life, whether you had them yourself or just have some you love, you can understand that they are the light of our lives. I feel that what I did last week will resonate well with you.  Oh! The power of the little voice inside …
My kids were off one odd day last week and since I had awoken that morning, I felt this thing in my gut saying: “you should stay home and enjoy your little people.” I wish I could tell you I listened right away, but… of course, there was another voice saying: “Go to work, woman! You have too much to do!”
So, off I went to work. People, I was not able to concentrate one iota although I do enjoy what I do at work. I tried over and over again to get enthused about my work that day, but it was useless. I was just going through the motions and although completing tasks successfully, I was not at all feeling any sense of accomplishment that usually come from knocking something off my long list of things to do.  And, no, it was not guilt.11-10-14 post
Needless to say that I went back to my “voices” of the morning to re-analyze their messages. You guessed it: “Go and enjoy your children” won me right back. When I made peace with it, that rock in my gut magically was no more. The little voice was right, I needed to be with my kids.
I checked my list of things to do, evaluated the amount of time it would take to complete them the next day without distractions, and made the executive decision to ask for the afternoon off.
I was gone out of the office so fast, you would’ve thought someone had us to vacate a burning building. It felt good to hear their voices as I announced to the kids that I was on my way home. There was plenty for me to do, but they would be with me. Friends, the experience was not at all this romantic beautiful story where we played games and laughed the whole evening… I do not have saints (although close sometimes)! But it filled my heart to be with them.11-10-14 post2
This feeling is so difficult to explain! This little voice is so powerful! It speaks reason, and usually leads us to something amazing. That day, it did once again. The kids and I went around town, running errands, taking care of business. They did not miss the opportunity to be loud, fight, and defy me. But, I kept thinking about why I was there that afternoon and my reaction to it all was quite calm to my surprise. My heart was in the right place. In the end, we spent a great time together and laughed a lot.
I guess the moral of the story is multifaceted:

1) Listen to your gut: the little voice. It can be quite wise. Make sure you are not under the influence of any alien substances to your body, of course! Otherwise …

2) Children are precious. They grow up so fast, that we sometimes do not realize how quickly. When it is time for them to fly out of the nest, we are surprised and in disbelief. Take time to enjoy them and cherish them even when you could pay millions for three and a half minutes of quiet when they are around.

3) Take time to enjoy what is important to you. In this instance I got the chance to be around my children; but it was larger than just spending time with them: I did something very that was important to me. We have to learn to stop the routine and get back to what makes our hearts sing.

Tell me some of the reasons that would make you take an unplanned “afternoon off.” I want to hear from you!
Faith in your inner-voice is precious.

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25 Responses to “3 lessons from the little voice inside”

  1. Great tips. I am not looking forward to the day that my little girl leaves home. I try to make every moment count with her now….

  2. I think listening to your gut is SOOOO important, especially when it comes to your kids. Good or bad, it is a motherly instinct we all have and should trust.

  3. Love this! I used to think it was just a cliche that they grow up so quickly, but it is amazingly true! Taking time out today for my kiddos!

  4. Such great advice!! Trust your instinct, and take time to enjoy!!! Thanks!

  5. Sounds like a good reminder to listen to our voice or spirit for guidance.

  6. Just to spend time with my son is a good reason. He is growing so fast that i don’t’ want to miss a moment.

  7. I always listen to my little voice. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  8. i totally know that feeling! We should have kid time like sick time so we can use it when we just have to be with our babies!

  9. I’m so glad you listened. I’m an absolute hardcore believer in following your gut. It always knows!

    • Sometimes I wish I did it more… But I am getting so much better at it. Keep on doing it and encouraging others, that makes a big difference in a person’s life!
      Thank you!

  10. I could use a SPA afternoon with my daughter.

  11. My kids are 2 years old and 4 months old and they do grow up so fast. I try to give them as much attention as I can. It looks like you had a great day and I am glad that you followed your heart and that you were able to go home.

  12. My nephew really wanted me to come over and spend time with him yesterday(on his day off)…I wasn’t going to stop by because it was such a nice day that I wanted to go be lazy with my sweetie, but I changed up my plans to spend the day with him. I am soooo happy that I did. We had a blast, and he was extremely happy. He won’t be young forever…it’s important to take advantage of these special moments when you can.

  13. Great tips, I have 4 kids, my oldest is 18 and youngest is 5. It goes by to fast.

  14. great tips! always trust womens instinct…I listen to my gut most of the time!

  15. I love your tips more than you know. I always say it is enjoying what matters that makes for a balanced life. I am a lot like you, I need to spend time with my little ones because it is what gives me the most joy.

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