Me time! On a bugdet.

My restful place

My restful place

These days, the world is going at a million miles an hour.  Humans are not built to go that fast… it is essential to regroup, to slow down, and to enjoy what life has to offer around us and not have to worry about what it will cost us: some “me time” on a budget.  Guess where I am today…  I am writing this wonderful post from a very luxurious hotel in South Florida, near the beach, sipping on some sweet Moscato wine on a very comfortable couch. Yes, my friends, I am ending a beautiful day of relaxation and I did not have to spend much to enjoy it.  My secret?  Well, follow along to find out.

First of all, make sure you have in mind where you are going.  On the internet, you can find a plethora of beautiful hotels, some very luxurious, where the public is welcome.  I tell you, this is not going to be hard and will make you feel like a million bucks!

Then, you would have to make your lunchbox.  The night before, put water bottles in the freezer as well as ice packs to keep things cold.  You can choose anything to put the food in.  I have a big insulated one and it fits quite a few things.  Make sure that you pick out all the things you need, like, and want (sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruit, juice boxes, left over meal if you want, and of course wine!)

Now that you have your grub ready…  Place, check!  Food, check!  Drinks, check!

Now we need something to do.  I put together a bag with my computer case, and a super book I am reading these days.  Some fresh undergarments complete the bag along with my super-sized beach towel and tanning lotion/sunscreen.

The hiding spot!

The hiding spot!

Everything is ready for the escape.  Hubby and I planned for the kids to be taken care of, and it’s on!

I could hardly wait for my day of relaxation.  I had called a girlfriend to stay the night with her since she is close to the hotel, but if you are already in an area not too far from your destination, then you can skip this step.  It was nice to visit with one of my favorite people in the world.  We did not have a chance to talk much as we both needed some rest after a long work day, but our time together surely was a wonderful beginning to this sweet little escapade.

Here is where I explain the spend “almost nothing” part.  Early in the morning, I went to a hair appointment.  I had planned for this to be part of my day.  So of course, I had to pay for that…  This is some serious pampering for me because I get to do this maybe twice a year.  Some would maybe make a massage appointment, or a nail one.  Whatever floats your boat!  Also, don’t forget to plan for parking.  If you are lucky, you might get away with paying very little, but if you decide on one of those luxurious hotels, it might cost you a little something to be there for a few hours (around $15).

Oooh!  So nice!

Oooh! So nice!

When I left my hairdresser’s, I looked wonderful and ready to hit the beach.  Having hair done and the beach do not always go together, but for this occasion, I only wanted to lay in the sun.  My skin tone situation is quite worrisome: people refuse to believe that I am from the islands due to my pallor!!!  Seriously people!  On the first few days of Spring, the wind is still blowing, and it is still quite pleasant, not hot.  The vitamin D from these couple of hours simply woke my energy up.  If you are lucky, you do not have to pay for a lounge chair, but in this instance, I simply laid on my towel on the sand.  It is the same sun for everybody and my bag was soft enough to double as a pillow.  I enjoyed lunch on the beach with some cold water that I had packed in my lunchbox.  It was great!

After a couple of hours of that, and playing Pharell’s “Happy” song in my head a few thousand times, I packed it up, went inside to the second floor where they hold conferences, and went into a bathroom to freshen up.  I let my hair down, picked up a clean glass from one of the tables where a conference had just finished, found a little corner overlooking the lobby, opened my computer, and poured my Moscato in the glass.  Voila!  Nobody to bother me, not too many people passing by since I am on the second floor in a secluded area on a couch all to myself, and very comfortable too I may add.  Yes, folks, I am feeling like life is beautiful right here.  I am not taking any calls (unless someone is dying or seriously hurt), and I am admiring the sea showcasing its many shades of turquoise.  There is soft music in the background, and the color palette of the area is soothing and invites inspiration.  The sun accentuates everything in the atrium and the whole area is drenched in subtle shine.

Taking it all in

Taking it all in

I want to encourage you to take some time for yourself whether you are a parent, single, married, etc.  Scientifically proven many times over, taking time for you is rejuvenating and helps you refocus and recharge your batteries.  If you want to read more about the great effects of taking time for you, read more articles featured in different prominent research magazines like Psychology Today, or even more popular WebMD.  Ask your doctor too.  You will garner more knowledge on the subject and I hope you will take this seriously for your health.

This, my friends, is how you disconnect for a day with style.  I am quite fond of the hotel in which I am now because this new writing endeavor became real to me in this very place for the first time.  It is a sentimental place for me.  This is where my dream of writing started materializing, thanks to  very special people who believed in me.

I hope you enjoy your escapade as much as I have mine.  Me time is good for the body and the soul so I encourage you to share those tips with others around you and start planning yours soon!  If a whole day does not look like a possibility, then try half a day or even an afternoon.  I promise you, it will be worth it in the end.  I am already feeling the effects: I am slowly reverting back to becoming a human being (smile).

Cheers! And for me, that was a leap of Faith!

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8 Responses to “Me time! On a bugdet.”

  1. How timely!!! Just when I was contemplating taking a me day at the beach…unplugged.. Wonderful post, Martine, thank you for the reminder to reconnect with our souls.

    • Hi Fabi!
      Indeed this time helped me reconnect with myself a bit more. We are so busy with life that we forget to stop and catch up with ourselves…
      Keep following for more on the subject: now that I have started, I am on a mission to experiment and share about recharging our batteries!
      Stay tuned!

  2. Lovely! Wonderful tips!

  3. I’m so glad you got to do this!

  4. I definitely agree Martine!! I personally love those short little getaways…they remind you what life is really about!! great article!! : )

    • Hi Daphne! This was a first for me and I am not quite sure why I waited to do this for so long… You’d better believe I will be at it again soon (wink). Feel free to share some nifty getaway corners with us!

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