I am Tired!

Yes, I am tired.  I am TIRED!  How many out there can feel me on this?!?!?!

You know who you are, the many of us out there hustling in life doing our best, but are still falling short.  We are trying to make things happen for ourselves and the ones we love, but for some reason, we cannot stay on the track because other things tug at and derail us.  ARGHR!  I cannot even find a curse word to express this feeling!  Just that it is the most unnerving, angry, overwhelmed, TIRED feeling ever. 

Going, going, going as if our head is cut off…  The end is not in sight and we have to care for it all: family, work, etc…  Without trying to hurt anybody’s feelings, we try to politely decline invitations, screen calls, etc., but it is not because we do not want to communicate or participate; it is mostly because we do not have the time or we are just simply TIRED…

Just saying…

I am trying to convey to the feelings, not to bash others: VERY important difference, here.

We are running all the time and barely have a few seconds to use the restrooms.  I found myself squirming the other day on my chair and delaying the restroom visit to be able to finish something I was working on.  Oh!  Goodness forbid, I would get up for a few minutes!  No Way!  That would take time that I do not have, that would make me lose my mojo, that would cause me to let go of the few thoughts I am already barely able to hold on to… 

The brain keeps going and does not shut down: I have to do better, I am not “there” wherever this cursed “there” is…  This never-ending chase after some stability is causing some of us to lose our energy.  I am TIRED…

We have to fit into one day all the things we have to accomplish and there are the occasional wants we do not always get to enjoy.  When we actually take a few minutes to recharge, or get out of life’s circulation to sleep that extra hour or go for a short afternoon walk/trip, magically, duties multiply as if they were left in a breeding ground.

Some of us have to deal with people they do not mix with, whether personally or at work.  Some others have to deal with work they do not enjoy, some of us like work, but do not have the time to do it or are bothered by pests, some of us have kids who never stop calling our non-given name: “Mom”, others are trying to manage the streets as they have overbooked the kids’ activities on top of working full time and organize the home… Yes!  We are TIRED!

OK, of course that does not mean that some of us do not have any help.  I have to give some props to the men or other loved ones in our lives who do help.  We tend to think about how to manage our lives differently men and women, and that causes us to go onto override and explode. 

Somehow, we women tend to want to see things a bit more organized and care about different things than our mates’ do.  We take some things personally and to heart, and we wear our feelings on our sleeves.  Our hearts and brains are wired differently. 

I read a book once that compared our brains to appear like a bowl of spaghetti, where each strand is connected with the other and all is collectively affecting one another.  Yes, Everything has to make sense!  Everything is connected!  The flip side of this is that men’s brains were compared to a waffle where they think in compartments that are isolated from one another.  One thing does not affect the other.  Big sigh!

I am not trying to say that we are to have different brains.  But I am trying to figure out ways we can use this connected mass of synapses more efficiently to capitalize on its strengths instead of just getting a beating from its disorganization.  This beast can be tamed.

So at the end of the day, we are still tired.  Yes TIRED… which leads me to think that there is a fundamental question to ask our tired selves: how many of those “tired-causing” things, wires, spaghetti strands should we take out of our lives?  Is it ultimately because we have too much on our plates and are trying to work this balancing act in spite of our ever-changing times?

Is anyone out there tired?  If you are, what can we do to make things better?  What external expectations can we exterminate from our lives to streamline it and make it more efficient and more enjoyable?  I am not talking about having a perfect life, ladies; I am talking about a more manageable life. 

Can we rally together to form a support for each other?  I encourage and challenge you to form a support team(friends, co-workers, cousins, sisters, etc.) and start working on ways to decrease the stresses and the reasons for this TIRED epidemic.  Who’s with me?!?!?!?  Show me some love and share that love with other fellow readers by leaving comments below.  Don’t disappoint and revive the Faith!


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18 Responses to “I am Tired!”

  1. Yeah, sister! We all get caught up in being busy. Can’t stop and chat, I am too busy. Oh, I am sooooo tired. We wear our busy-ness badges proudly.
    I got myself off that treadmill a few years ago and while I still find myself getting tired & busy sometimes, I have given myself permission to get off that treadmill.
    Let’s support each other in stopping to smell the roses, talk to a friend or enjoy a cup of tea. Life will be gone before we know it if we are perpetually in tired/busy.

  2. Valerie, giving ourselves permission is so important. It is very encouraging that you are able to do so! Huge concept, thanks!

  3. I can definitely relate to this! Being tired is almost like a constant state of being. I agree that a great way to get started is 1)have or get a good, non-judgemental support system and 2)let go of those utopian expectations and focus on what really matters to you! Nice post!

  4. I feel you on this one. I literally just posted a status update on FB saying that I went to bed at 10:30 last night — not because I was done with my work, but because my body was done with me. We have to rest. It’s essential. The struggle is REAL, but when our body cries for rest, we have to give in. I can tell you what, I am already having a better day than I did yesterday, and I firmly believe it’s because I am rested. 🙂

  5. This is a great post. Many times as women we go through the busy cycle and we experience this exact state of “tiredness” day in and day out and may think we are alone. I can totally relate to this and am sure many others can as well. Those support systems are critical to reaching an acceptable state of living. The support systems not only help us devise ways to deal with the busyness but also provide a supportive and silent understanding when we need to do what needs to be done to maintain our sanity! Thanks for putting in writing what so many of us feel every day!!! Great work !

  6. Love this post! As a single Mom, I ask myself this question frequently. It took me a long time to realize that I had to learn to say “NO”. It was hard at first. People were shocked. But, in the end, it has helped TONS. Now I ask myself this question on a weekly basis. I only have so much to give and I refuse to give my energy to something that has no value to me.

    • Migdalia, saying NO can indeed be one of the most difficult, but yet powerful things you can do! Great insight!

  7. I manage a few soccer teams, run a company, work with foster dachshunds, blog, and homeschool. No, we don’t have a maid, or any other “help.” I do my best to be organized, and stay on schedule. It doesn’t always work. At the end of the day, the hubby and kids come first. I did take a girls’ trip this year and am taking my first vacay with hubby this year, too. No emails other than customer orders on girls’ trip. It was blissful. I think part of it is knowing when and how to delegate, and knowing how to efficiently do your work. Hugs! It sucks getting to that point though.

    • Elizabeth,
      As you said, efficiency is the name of the game! What you shared is a great illustration of magnificent multitasking and self-acceptance whether things go our way or not. Kuddos for getting to that level and great encouragement for other readers!

  8. I love my support team!! My good friends that support me and encourage me and with that I am energized. It’s my God that revives me that gives me my strength. Tired is a feeling and what I feel can be changed. I just need to change my thoughts. I am energized, I am strong, I am confident, I am empowered, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    • Hi Lee!
      God is #1 ALWAYS! Thanks for reminding us that “tired” is a feeling and that we are to look up to our God to guide us through what we have to do on a daily basis 🙂
      With love!

  9. Absolutely! I am with you 100% It is so easy to take on the weight of the world, put everyone first, solve every problem, and forget about ourselves.
    It took several years, and many burned out missteps, but I finally learned that I am not truly at my best, and I cannot help anyone, if I am not taking care of myself. It isn’t selfish to rest, and put myself first.

  10. I am always so tired too

    • Katherine,
      I hope the above comments can help you find ways to be more energized and find your way to great self-care 🙂

  11. i totally get the being tired. i feel tired every day, but we move on and get what we need to get done

    • Katrina G,
      We sure do move on. It is always great when we have a good support system to help us through. The journey gets so much sweeter and more enjoyable!

  12. Yes sister friend, I am soooo tired, it took me a week to post a comment. I really appreciate this one… because I am tired of saying I am tired or that I feel tired. I feel like I am being stretched in every direction and I just want a little time away to disconnect to the world of media, husband, children, parents, work…I don’t want to put gas in the car, stop at the bank or go to the grocery store. I want to hide somewhere in which no one can find me just for a little while.

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