The-price-of-trustThere is something to be said about someone you can trust.  This is someone you can see yourself around for years on end.  This is someone you can expose your mind to.  Someone who appreciates your talents and your corks.  A person who would like nothing more than to learn more about you at every turn.  Hmmm…  Trust…  There is a rare gem!
This someone can wait until you open up because they already understand that you can’t make sense out of your surroundings yet.  This person is receptive to your thoughts and feelings.  Someone you can trust.  Ah! the definition of this human being is so complicated and not so finite.  It would take days to just barely come close to scratching the surface.
The trusted person would also be able to help us understand ourselves as you have given them an “inside view” of who you are.  You can be yourself with Trusted.  There is so little you can hide from Trusted.
There is something to be said about someone you can trust.  Priceless…
If you have such a someone, consider yourself blessed.

In the mean time, keep the Faith!


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