And… It’s Valentines Day

valentinesday2016Well, well, well….  It’s finally here.  Valentine’s day.  Pardon my non-excitement for this holiday, it’s just that I have been taking another look at this and am not quite convinced Valentine’s day is all that lovely these days.  No hating, just a little shift in paradigm here; bare with me.

What I observed and some of my thoughts.

As soon as December 26th happened, I started seeing some of the red and pink Valentine colors showing up on store’ shelves.  I mean, we were not even done digesting the Christmas feast and V-Day was already kicking off.  I watched in disbelief how those same shelves grew more and more pink, white, and red before we could even reach January 5th.

No, I am not knocking this special day of Love.  I am just realizing, much like many others, that it is becoming more about selling and buying stuff than celebrating Love.

Just like we have a special month to remind ourselves how important it is to get mammograms, celebrate special events marking a certain victory or a historical moment, we should definitely have a celebration of Love.

The point here is that we seem to be forgetting about the meaning of celebrating LOVE.  This is LOVE people, not popular shoes!  This is a beautiful, profound, and special experience manifested in many different ways.Valentinesday20162

For some reason, I kinda feel that it is being trivialized.

I subscribe to the school that says we should celebrate Love at any opportunity no matter how big or small the occasion.  I also understand that we should have one day to dedicate to this special celebration.  What I am a bit scrunched about is that it is getting more about buying and selling stuff: lots of pressure.  Kinda like Christmas…

I am making this short and sweet.  I don’t have “3 things you need to do for your lover” or “The recipe for the best Love Potion”, but I do have a few words for you to ponder.

Take time to evaluate your relationships.  Make a list of people you love and appreciate very much and why.  This might take a few minutes, so make sure you have a bit of time when devising your list.  Do it however you want, but watch as you make it that your heart starts to grow fonder of those people.  Watch how you feel loved just thinking about them.  Feel yourself fill up with the sensation of love and as you do, get ready to spill over onto other people around you like a container overflowing under an unattended open faucet.valentinesday20163

Yes, gift giving is a great way to express your love for someone; but your sentiments should be expressed by your actions louder than anything else.

Remember the list?  Make sure you tell the people on it how you feel and show them too!  We are not given the future, just the NOW.  Use this special day to be reminded of it.

That said, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration!



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2 Responses to “And… It’s Valentines Day”

  1. I am a firm believer that ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS!! I do my best to show my loved ones that I love them. I don’t want it to only become apparent on Valentine’s Day. We all have heard and I am sure quoted this famous quote..”Caring is sharing.” Well, if you truly care about someone, you should SHARE your love for them EVERYDAY through ACTIONS, not just on February 14th. Don’t get me wrong, the gifts are nice (especially a truly thoughtful gift), but the best gift a person can give is making God #1 in their heart.

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